Historical Meteorites

Weston, H4

Fell December 14, 1807,
Weston, Connecticut, USA


Weston is one of the most historical meteorite falls in America and was the first recorded observed fall in the new country.  As Norton (1998) documents, specimens of Weston helped form the first great collection of meteorites in the United States, at Yale University.  There is also some lore surrounding this meteorite and president Thomas Jefferson. The stones compriseing the Weston fall fell early in the evening of December 14, 1807.  When two Yale professors investigating the fall concluded that the stones really did fall from the sky, Jefferson, ever the skeptic,  reportedly said, "I would rather believe that two yankee professors would lie, than believe that stones fall from heaven."  Did Jefferson really say this?  Who knows but it makes for great lore!

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